LSx Harnesses and Computers

Let 150Tunes.com satisfy all of your LSx harness and programming needs!

We specialize in standalone LSx (1998 and up) swaps into hot rods, desert race trucks, off-road ‘buggies’ and making that ‘weird’ never heard of swap look and work like it was factory! Even daily drivers!

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Harnesses and wiring repairs:

With over 25 years as a world class certified GM/Hummer technician, we know exactly what we’re doing. All of our setups come with lifetime tech support and computer ‘tune ups’. Say you’re ready to start it after the conversion and it runs like crap, call us and we’ll help figure it out. It's rarely a PCM or harness issue, but sometimes things are over looked after big projects, like an engine swap and we'll help you. Or later down the road you change gears, tires, cam, etc. Send us the computer with a return shipping label and I’ll make the changes for free. This is all for the life of the PCM/harness. Change owners, we don’t care. We stand behind our product 100%, not the person buying it.

Also, say you get that conversion kit from one of the other companies, it's never ran right, and you aren’t happy with it. But you aren’t sure if it’s the harness or programming. We’ll check it out for the cost of shipping. If we find issues, we’ll send you a quote and if the necessary repairs are made, we’ll then stand behind it 100%.

All of our harnesses will include fuse panel, ALDL (data port) and check engine light.  Our harnesses are 2 wire hookup - hot and ignition power.  Plus any additional stubbed wires you've asked for, like speedo, tach, etc.  All of our harnesses are completely labeled and we can also include actual GM schematics to aid you.

Our typical turn-around time is 2-3 weeks on harnesses and 1-2 business days on PCM/TCM calibrations. As of 6/1/14, we're running 6-8 weeks out on harnesses. Still 1-2 business days on PCM/TCM calibrations.

Contact us and let us show you how we can help make this entire swap a trouble and stress free experience!

Check us out on our FaceBook account for lots of updates and other cool projects!

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