LSx Harnesses and Computers

Let 150Tunes.com satisfy all of your LSx harness and programming needs!

We specialize in standalone LSx (1998 and up) swaps into hot rods, desert race trucks, off-road ‘buggies’ and making that ‘weird’ never heard of swap look and work like it was factory! Even daily drivers!

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Dyno Rates and Information

About our Dyno

We feature a Mustang chassis dynamometer MD-250.  Which is a 2wd dyno capable of a 1,500 horsepower measurement, a top speed of 175 mph and a powerful air-cooled eddy current brake that provides 900-hp worth of loading capacity.

Why Use a Dyno?

  • Dyno tuning is the most cost effective way to improve performance at the track.
  • Verify the effects of upgrades and modifications.
  • Do a 'shakedown' after major changes to minimize potential mechanical or electrical problems at the track or on the street.
  • Save tires, wear and tear, and track time by doing tuning in a controlled environment with absolute repeatability. For instance: different blower pulley sizes, timing curves, fuel calibrations, fuel pressure, etc.
  • Develop a history which can be used to predict performance at the track. Know if you're ready to go to the event.
  • Powertrain break-in.
  • We want to provide you with the right place to prep and tune your vehicle so you have a better time at the track. Why use up expensive tires and track time when you don't have to? 150Tunes.com has the right facility, the right tools, and the right attitude to help you be faster while saving you money and time.

Individual Dyno Rates - Does Not Include Custom Tuning, Chips, or Other Modifications

½ hour $60
1 hour $110
2 hours $105 per hour
3 to 4.9 hr $100 per hour
5 to 7.9 hr $90 per hour
8 hr or more $85 per hour

For example, say you have an 05 2500HD gas truck with a completely stock engine, taller tires and gears, and you just want it cleaned up and dialed in. Your bill would probably end up in the $250-300 range.

For example, say you have a LSx swap done on a vehicle and you've added a turbo charger, cam, heads, injectors, intake, etc. Your bill would probably be in the $600, maybe up, range.

Club Days and Group Rates
Group rates available and welcome, please see below. These include dyno setup, supervision and tuning help. You are welcome to make as many pulls as you can in the amount of time you request. Customers are given a printout of the horsepower and torque graphs, as well as a numerical printout of horsepower at each RPM increment. The graph also shows the Air Fuel mixture for each RPM. You may also choose to have the dyno runs emailed to any address. Then you can go home and play with the dyno runs with the free Mustang PowerDyne Run Viewer software!

Dyno rate is $60 an hour.  You can typically get 3 cars, 3 pulls each, per hour.  

Why Use Our Dyno For Your Club Event?

We here at 150Tunes.com strive to work close with clubs and groups. We offer special "dyno days" where you can come down with your car club and dyno everyone's car at a discounted rate. The day can also include a BBQ lunch or bikini espresso. Dyno Days are perfect club events where everyone can hang out, enjoy each other's cars and get verified performance numbers for each and every car. 
Please call us today to schedule your club!


Check us out on our FaceBook account for lots of updates and other cool projects!

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